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Coding Minecraft to work with Dance Moves...

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2021. 10. 14.
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    I made Minecraft ENTIRELY CONTROLLABLE by Dance Moves... this was insane, but I am so happy that I managed to do it. I wonder how far I can take this...
    Twitch (I STREAM A LOT): www.twitch.tv/fundy
    Twitter (FUNNY STUFF): fundylive
    Discord: discord.gg/fundy
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    Get Lucky - Pharrell Williams MPK Cover
    Billie Jean - MPK Cover
    Stayin Alive - Cover Guitar, mpk mini mk2
    Take on me - akai mpk mini
    Helped making the video, absolute legend of a dev: Kiryu144
    I made minecraft fully controllable by using only my webcam/camera/dance moves. this was crazy fun to make, and I really enjoyed coding this custom minecraft mod/difficulty/plugin. It was a lot of fun to do, and I really hope you enjoy it!

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  • Jackson Feddock

    As a professional coder, I just want to say, we should really acknowledge how smart Fundy is. I don’t think he gets enough credit for how creative and complicated his videos are. Very entertaining

  • Arris
    Arris  +2

    they tell you techno and dream are gods, two pvp warriors! no one could ever match them in a fight... Fundy over here just has to put in the minimal amount of effort to T pose and he raises the fucking sun.

  • Anachronistic Cat

    Fundy, in the delighted voice of reaching every coder's dream: "it just worked"

  • Nate McGoldrick

    This man is a legend. Not only did he have to code all of that in five days, he also had to edit the video.

  • Kryspp
    Kryspp  +628

    Someone better make a hardcore series playing like this, that's just incredible.

  • Regal Lynx

    I love how at the end Fundy is marvelling at the fact that everything worked perfectly for the first time

  • HoneyBee

    I don't think a lot of us realize just how much power Fundy holds. He did this on his own with his own abilities in less than a month. Every single time he comes out with one of these videos, it is SO impressive, Fundy is so incredibly underrated with his abilities and the things he has done in Minecraft.

  • gay panic at the wrong disco

    All comedy aside, Fundy is such an insanely amazing coder, this man deserves more recognition

  • lolcat
    lolcat  +415

    This is the most exercise I've ever seen from a Minecraft player ever. Truly a rare sight to see.

  • ch4rch4lk
    ch4rch4lk  +21

    this video just makes me so genuinely happy. I think as an artist and a creator myself it just makes me so happy seeing someone else get this happy when something they create turns out this well. I think this should be a gamemode in the game. Disco Gamemode. Would make exercising so much more fun

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  • khaki
    khaki  +9

    fundy is WILDLY talented. he gives us little 15-20 minute videos of things that have taken him days to weeks at a time. this is INCREDIBLE !!!

  • Price Owed

    Seeing Fundy’s dad T-posing with a huge smile from seeing/testing an amazing project his son made is absolutely amazing

  • Wallace Whitfield

    I just love the fact he chose T-Pose for walking and moving the sun. The former conjures the image of T-Pose sliding and asserting dominance on the enemy. While the latter, he’s able to assert so much dominance on the Sun he’s able to bend it to his will.

  • Bubble 24
    Bubble 24  +286

    You should program a Villager AI, where Villagers build there own village if abandoned and they increase the village size (or rebuild it if attacked). You should also program something where Villagers will ring the bell if they remember you attacking them or if then sense any danger (like a raid but now with zombies or other mobs interviening)

  • Pigcake101

    I love that feeling when you're working with electronics with little to no documentation and you finally get something super small to work and it opens up the gates to the entirety of what you were planning and you get suuuuper excited

  • UnhingedUnit

    Fundy's dad coming up and just being proud and thinking it was cool is so amazing but absolutely foreign to me. I can't imagine even telling my parents I play minecraft, let alone tell them about a mod i made for it.

  • Your friendly neighborhood pyromaniac

    I cannot stress how much respect I have for this guy after watching this

  • Greenfire44

    I can already imagine minecraft speedruns having a whole choreography for specific situations

  • Phoebe Price

    I love how Fundy can do all of this amazing, beyond genius stuff, and still tone it down to a place where we can understand.