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I Got Trapped In A Room With Mr Beast

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2022. 01. 28.
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    In this video I did part 2 of the america vlog where I met a bunch of youtubers such as Hbomb, TapL, Eret, Nolan, Karl Jacobs, MrBeast and a lot more. I played Jenga with Jschlatt and ludwig, did a bunch of activities such as going to Disneyland and Universal with Streamers, and in the end get Tasered/Tased by MrBeast. Or did I?
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    a lot, I have no idea what exactly

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  • Fundy
    Fundy   +4

    Download Monster Legends now and go get my monster!

  • Dabo Life
    Dabo Life  +13

    Others: Sleep when they feel bored

  • Crypticshadøws

    Fundy is the most socially awkward yet confident person ever

  • Mysticat

    I think you're the only person ever to get trapped in a room with Mr Beast and actually LOSE $2000

  • Myste
    Myste  +490

    Fundy: Is bored on the plane.

  • Raebeach 17

    Why is nobody talking ab the amount of social confidence this man has. Honestly, impressive as hell

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  • Squish_Squash

    schlatt slamming a bottle over Minx's head, it shattering, and her not even reacting is a perfect way to sum up those two's friendship

  • Lotus_The_Flower

    fundy should be forever respected for the fact that he got graciously complimented by shaggy himself.

  • anotheralena

    Everybody is talking about how he is coding his own minecraft on a plane or how minx didn't flinch, but can we just take a moment to appreciate how cool his merch looks 🦊

  • Henry
    Henry  +162

    MrBeast: “... you can use me for clickbait.”

  • Mia Sparks
    Mia Sparks  +522


  • Editor
    Editor  +60

    Can we just talk about Fundy's amazing mic quality during the sponsor?

  • The Art Cat

    The fact that fundy codes minecraft even on a plane is hilarious to me.

  • Hollee
    Hollee  +382

    Eret’s laugh brings me so much joy, he definitely has one of the best laughs lol

  • twxtchviewerr

    Fundy's videos are just a different comedy breed. It's a different kind of funny and that's what I love.


    "The flight was very long so i started coding my own version of minecraft in the plane"

  • MisoSoup
    MisoSoup  +366


  • Adam Caspe


  • Music Lore

    The fact that the entire internet knows about Jimmy but he still feels the need to introduce himself is just hilarious