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I got Trapped in a room with Wilbur Soot

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  • 게시일 2021. 07. 27.
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    So I got trapped in a room with Wilbur Soot, Tubbo, and met some other minecraft people like TommyInnit, Niki Nihachu, Ranboo, and GeorgeNotFound. This is my vlog from when I went to Brighton, did an Escape Room by ClueQuest, and met all the Dream SMP Members. It was a lot of fun!
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    Honestly it was a ton of fun doing an escape room by ClueQuest, they sponsored the Escape Room and honestly it was a blast, if you want to give them a look here's the link to their site: www.cluequest.co.uk
    Thanks ClueQuest for allowing me to record this video!
    - 2:23 AM / Sharou
    - Bunch of animal crossing and Mario Galaxy, I can't remember :)

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  • Fundy
    Fundy  년 전 +45


  • The Arabian Sand Boa

    "Tubbo managed to get stuck for four days and had his hand amputated, and was never able to play video games again."

  • Silvie!
    Silvie!  +2


  • Nixobinary

    The look of pure terror in Fundy"s eyes when Wilbur said "I got angry" just does it for me lol.

  • Blue M.
    Blue M.  +522

    Every clip with Wilbur in it feels like hanging out with your dad for the first time in seventeen years

  • FennecFoxGamer1

    Wilbur's main character energy is so high when he makes a statement the music kicks in lol

  • Im not here….

    I like how Fundy was genuinely concerned when he said “That’s not good”

  • Gabrielle was here
    Gabrielle was here 년 전 +4

    Fundy: Nothing went wrong from this point on.

  • Rehehehe

    Wilbur kidnapped fundy as a baby, raised him, taught him to shave and now his parents came back looking for him. the reason fundy was shocked at the sight of his parents is he had accepted the fact his father didnt look like a fox and he had never seen another fox before

  • Holy Cheeseburger

    Fundy: "I'm definitely not a furry."

  • •stay_tiny•

    Wilbur : I got angry..

  • NorbYyY GG

    "Why is british weather bad?"

  • Austin Badillo

    Fundy: "FoOd ReVeIw"

  • Slicelikeice
    Slicelikeice 년 전 +2

    “Why is British weather bad?”

  • Carol angeleena

    Fundy : I'm Ranboo cosplaying rn

  • Potato
    Potato  +738

    Tubbo's urge to stick his hand in the table is just his personality, enjoy a little nub

  • CarlaSloth

    Can I just say that Wilbur looked so happy seeing Fundy on the train. He was just waiting and his face lit up when he saw him.

  • Trash Prince_

    Wilbur: "Ever hunted a fox before, boy?"

  • •𝓟ℎø_火*,-🥢

    Wilbur is a whole mood

  • Camolover 40
    Camolover 40 년 전 +5

    Wilbur: * tosses razor blade in the toilet * Literally everybody else: * visible concern *