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So I added a Difficulty for my dad...

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2022. 03. 31.
  • I coded a custom Minecraft Difficulty for my dad to see if with the use of this mod, he can beat minecraft... safe to say, it was interesting...
    Twitch (I STREAM): www.twitch.tv/fundy
    Twitter (FUNNY STUFF): fundylive
    Discord: discord.gg/fundy
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  • YouTube
    YouTube  +53

    does this mod come with dad jokes

  • DoomMage

    Fundy helping his dad become more computer literate through a minecraft mod is very wholesome

  • imRlyUnoriginal

    Fundy's dad:

  • Alex Boston

    I love how the dad actually tries to speaks english as good as possible for his video and not just dutch (his and fundy's motherlanguage) clearly shows what a great bond they have :D

  • CT Huskerboys

    I like how his own coding mistakes turn into something he loves

  • Kama
    Kama   +2

    Fundy is that kind of guy who will literally remake a game's code for someone who can't play it that well

  • Caos TR
    Caos TR  +266

    This guy really loves his dad, he's supporting his father Epicly.

  • TheSolidMidget

    "What's a Minecraft?" Is the most dad thing a dad would say.

  • Shroom !!
    Shroom !!  +618

    People normally underestimated their dad, meanwhile fundy overestimates his dad so that shows how fundy believes in his dad which is very wholesome :>

  • Nolan Tran
    Nolan Tran  +207

    As a coding beginner it’s the most satisfying that your code works perfectly each time

  • Skeepy
    Skeepy  +53

    Can you combine all your difficulty mods into an all-in-one package called “Fundy’s Difficulties”(so it makes it so you can actually select it any of them in the drop down menu)

  • MixAlien
    MixAlien  +125

    I love how he made his dad talk English whilst being Dutch lmao

  • Minecrafted Gaming

    i know the issue of why it explodes 3 times:

  • relish
    relish  +2

    Premium dad, 10/10. The fact that he’s Dutch makes it even better.

  • Usher Fisher

    This Is so wholesome

  • Александра Лебедева

    I love the wholesome fact that Fundy had so much patience for his dad, considering the test run probably took 2 hours.

  • Loge R_2 Floofy Boogaloo

    It looked like your dad was actually having a great time fighting the dragon.

  • Adruz001 D
    Adruz001 D  +103

    It's cool to see all the problems you run into while coding these things, the first exploding cow exploded in just the positive x, y, and z direction because the random vector function only returns vectors with non-negative x, y, and z values. The nether portal was messed up at first because you created the block at location.add(new Vector) instead of cloning the location first, which increments location instead of creating a new location.

  • gswal
    gswal  +8

    i love seeing the behind the scenes and the original flaws of fundy’s coding process! keep up the great work and you and your dad have such a great bond! 💛

  • Jose
    Jose  +1

    I love how Fundy laughs at anything he does. Even if he knows what will happen