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So I broke Minecraft's mouse sensitivity...

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  • 게시일 2020. 07. 03.
  • So I broke Minecraft's mouse sensitivity. I managed to change Minecraft, so I could put the slider to 0.0000001% mouse sensitivity, which caused my game to become incredibly difficult. I don't know if this was fun?
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  • Fundy
    Fundy  2 년 전 +16

    Hope you enjoyed this one, subscribe or I'll ruin your mouse as well

  • Rembrandt
    Rembrandt 2 년 전 +3

    I love how no matter who's george with,he will always scream when getting attack

  • U8V3
    U8V3 2 년 전 +10

    "That's pretty fast for a lighthouse" is such an incredible line omg

  • NarlepoaxIII
    NarlepoaxIII 2 년 전 +6

    Fundy: "Let's do PVP."

  • ChillyCharizard
    ChillyCharizard 년 전 +75

    Tommy dual wielding swords and charging at Fundy while screaming is so underrated.

  • Some Random Person
    Some Random Person 2 년 전 +4

    I love how technoblade is just naturally comical with metaphors and “uhhhhs.”

  • moew
    moew 년 전 +521

    Alternative title: Fundy tries to turn for 13 minutes

  • Virtual
    Virtual 2 년 전 +7

    Alternative title : Fundy flexing that he has friends for 13 minutes straight.

  • Elijah G
    Elijah G 2 년 전 +2

    I love how everyone was going behind him and he kept yelling "WHY DOES EVERYONE DO THIS"

    WEITZ 2 년 전 +2

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that he came 3rd in tnt run with that sensitivity

  • Manly
    Manly 년 전 +671


  • Kumisona
    Kumisona 2 년 전 +1

    George during the bow scene: HOW?

  • Eggs_are_tasty
    Eggs_are_tasty 년 전 +147

    Laptop players be like:

  • Salami Slices
    Salami Slices 2 년 전 +4

    "Fundy behind you!!"

  • jugbaby78
    jugbaby78 년 전 +2

    the way techno just goes "i- ive been dEfEaTeD" is so... yeah

  • Splyzug
    Splyzug 년 전 +2

    Fundy; "makes 0.0001% sensitivity"

  • oliver grimes
    oliver grimes 년 전 +102

    i love how everyone doesnt even complain when he brings out "cheats"

  • illustricks
    illustricks 2 년 전 +792

    [Fundy just getting some lava, calm.]

  • Electric
    Electric 년 전 +27


  • Scorp
    Scorp 2 년 전 +2

    Imagine his family's faces when they see his entire right arm is totally ripped while the other is just a stick