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So I Visited MrBeast

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  • 게시일 2021. 12. 17.
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    In this video I (Fundy) Went to America to visit all of my friends even some from the Dream SMP (known for TommyInnit, Tubbo, GeorgeNotFound, Quackity, and tons others) such as MrBeast, Karl Jacobs, Ranboo, Nolan, JSchlatt, Slimecicle, ConnorEatsPants, And a bunch more people! I vlogged myself together with Some of the MrBeast team in SquidGame, which I participated in! This was a super fun challenge / and it was a ton of fun meeting everyone. I hope you enjoyed this one, and definitely stay tuned for part 2!
    AdhesiveWombat - 8 Bit Adventure
    9AM Animal Crossing
    Cloudy Court Galaxy
    Shifty Boo Mansion
    Good Egg Planet
    Fantastic Planet
    Bloo Bay Beach
    Coconut Mall
    Beedle's Air Shop
    In The Shadows
    Bravely Second End Layer OST
    Uptown Topher Mohr
    Bowser's Galaxy Generator
    Myrone Zadok

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  • Fundy
    Fundy   +5


  • Mafia G
    Mafia G  +15

    Fundy always manages to look like the most awkward outgoing person ever and I live for it

  • Patchezz

    Fundy and Slime are like the two younger siblings on a road trip making up dumb shit to entertain themselves while Schlatt is just the tired dad who’s done

  • Aurora
    Aurora  +1

    fundy: removes balls for demonitizations

  • Ryyi23
    Ryyi23  +411

    Jschlatt just being chill and not hamming it up for a video feels different.

  • Better Chapter

    Big respect for Mrbeast One of the most likeable guys on youtube, I respect this man

  • Mrbean119
    Mrbean119  +112

    the fact that fundy has a stone cold expression on his face when he is shooting the mounted minigun is scary

  • Animagician

    Fundy: "idk if I'll fit in the car, I'm pretty tall"

  • f
    f  +2

    Beast is a good person both on and off camera

  • Edward Lim
    Edward Lim  +578

    slimecicle, schlatt and fundy literally freaking out over spiderman and house on wheels adds 80 years to my lifespan

  • NuggetGX
    NuggetGX  +176

    If fundy learned how to do an American accent, he could play a live action shaggy 😂

  • SpaceFlye
    SpaceFlye  +323

    This is such a cool behind the scenes look into the whole Mr Beast operation. Jimmy's really moved on up.

  • Fried Cheese

    Fundy arguing with a cat about his blanket is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

  • Adelle Animates

    Watching Charlie, Fundy and Schlatt freak out over a house on wheels was the funniest thing I’ve seen today.

  • Tomura Shigaraki

    Fundy just by meeting literally anyone is making best duo/trio/group possible

  • Cyb3rSeoul
    Cyb3rSeoul  +344

    Fundy: “ I don’t want this video demonetized so I can’t show the monkey balls ”

  • Reekill
    Reekill  +37

    I love how Fundy jumps everytime a gun goes off... As the daughter of a gunsmith who helps her father make adjustments to the guns he makes/fixes, that part was just the funniest thing, and my brother actually tests them out with him so I'm sure he'd love it even more

  • Hisham Rashid

    The fact that jimmy just has left over money on the table is fcking hilarious.

  • Tyler Smith

    Never thought I needed Fundy, Schlatt and Charlie shouting in a car before now

  • Debo Gaming

    Okay but it’s actually pretty wild to think that him deciding to press “go live” some time ago literally got him this far