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So I Coded Pacman In Minecraft...

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  • 게시일 2022. 04. 29.
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    Pacman in Minecraft, I coded it so that the entire game of Pacman / Pac-Man, an old time classic, is now in vanilla minecraft (I used a plugin/mod on the server). with this plugin I messed with my friends and their reaction was HILARIOUS. I really hope you enjoy this video, I loved making it, was a ton of fun!
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  • Fundy
    Fundy   +7


  • PlywoodPants

    First coding videos: “This took me months”

  • JAMstinky

    As a programmer with a few years of experience, I can confirm that it is like a holiday when a program (usually a complex one) works first try

  • Leo_V82
    Leo_V82  +903

    The fact that Philza was the only one who managed to survive a hit from Pac-man and was the last one to die proves that the man is unable to die

  • TheHeroBrain

    As a command creator myself, I love that you post your whole process to your viewers, instead of just reviewing the finished product

  • otter_r_us
    otter_r_us  +642

    I don’t think I’ll ever stop commenting on how insanely impressed I am by fundy’s coding skills. Man is INSANE with how well produced and interesting his videos are 🧡

  • ItsLily
    ItsLily  +39

    Eret's and Phil's reaction is absolute gold

  • OwO
    OwO  +7

    It's pretty sad that another great character like pac-man let himself down by overdosing with pills.

  • NyxRare
    NyxRare  +355

    suggestion: instead of having their chunks really low add the latest darkness effect from the warden or maybe just blindness

  • Aries1502
    Aries1502  +120

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how well Fundy does the sponsored segments!! Great work, love your vids keep it up!!

  • AWeirdLisa

    Immediately watched this video after the Tetris one despite having seen it already, simply because I wanted you to have the ad revenue because I have no words for how fucking cool these videos are and how much I respect the effort you put into them, fucking great work dude

  • heatshield
    heatshield  +187

    This is really cool. I like how you solved the cornering issue. Something you might want to consider as an addition (or alternative way of changing direction) can be found in the original. Turning actually gives pacman a little bit of a distance advantage.

  • Zb
    Zb  +7

    The fact that Eret was STREAMING this makes it so much better.

  • super robloxer

    "I'm gonna invite some kid-friendly KRcliprs"

  • Coolramrom
    Coolramrom  +228

    "I'm gonna invite some family-friendly KRcliprs"

  • Task_Failer

    My favorite part was wadzee asking Fundy why the corridor wasn’t ending only for fundy to start laughing histerically

  • Joshua Martin

    Fundy:codes for hours

  • Eerie Feels

    OH MY GOD THIS MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD!! Wonderful video as always, like, no one does it like Fundy. Also, Eret, Phil and Wadzee were the best choices for this. Honestly my favourite youtubers/streamers.

  • Gapple173

    Fundy's laugh is the most contagious thing in existence

  • QWOP28
    QWOP28  +1

    An interesting balance you could've had to Pac-Man, is he normally moves about as fast as say a Player Run, maybe slower. But once the player is in front of them, no matter the distance, Pac-Man just BOOKS IT. I think that's be a really interesting premise and could've maybe even had the players think differently when playing.