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So I Tried Gamebreaking Mods For Minecraft...

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  • 게시일 2022. 03. 04.
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    So I Tried Gamebreaking Mods For Minecraft, and things went crazy...
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    A bunch lol im lazy
    In this video I tried out a bunch of different cursed / game breaking / corrupted mods that were coded by other people, and reviewed them to see what they are like. Things got crazy. Honestly this was a ton of fun, and this video was a great time to make, every mod was incredibly funny. I really hope you enjoy this one!

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  • Fundy
    Fundy   +2


  • Not Quite Anonymous

    This just perfectly embodies how chaotic Fundy's entire channel is

  • Just Seff Stuff

    The comedic timing of "Nobody jumpscares me in my game" then

  • TheAdvertisement

    That first mod was actually awesome. The different levels of structural integrity with different blocks would be extremely fun to experiment with and try and build around in a full survival world.

  • Circuit Craft

    Honestly, Immersive Portals is one of the most technically impressive mods I've ever seen. It can do a whole bunch more stuff than you show in the video, like global portals, which can be placed across the entire world (dig down to get to the nether, anyone? falling from the end sends you to the overworld?), and mirrors by using a flint-and-steel on glass (implemented as a one-way portal linking to its own position, in the opposite direction).

  • Wong Cayven

    "He didn't die he didn't die"

  • Russian Doge

    Fundy makes Minecraft a more chaotic place. But with his musical genius Wilbur Soot, it’s gonna calm down.

  • Kinda Hungry

    This just shows how beefy Fundy's PC is for not even slightly stuttering.

  • ShaneRandomStuffYT

    Fundy: Feels guilty about killing a pig

  • BautiSpidey

    Can someone pass me the mods' download links at:

  • Meryl Schultz

    Fundy, you should look at the Flans mod (the guns and military vehicles one) more in depth on its own. It's an amazing mod, and trust me, when it doesn't crash, the vehicles are super fun

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks  +540

    The gravity mod is actually so sick

  • Rain
    Rain  +17

    doesn't the first falling blocks mod use scaffolding mechanics?

  • PlywoodPants


  • YourWorstNightmare

    It's just always so adorable seeing fundy have an absolute field day with these mods haha :'D

  • VoidBG
    VoidBG  +24

    The first mod was really cool if added support beams that remove the falling effect for 5-10 blocks it would change Minecraft's building/mining

  • The Swagpion

    Now pick they best mod from each group and combine them, but only ones that seem compatible like emersive portals and realistic physics.

  • nika andriadze

    The first two sets were actually great mods, both of the realistic gravity mods and the ''Immersive Portals'' mods are amazing.

  • goldenty34


  • McMakistein

    That block-breaking explosion was the most beautiful thing I've seen all month! :o