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So I made Garfield in Minecraft...

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  • 게시일 2020. 06. 05.
  • So I made Garfield in Minecraft, and he's not as innocent as you might think. I made a whole boss battle, with music, where you fight Garfield... Why?
    Twitch (I livestream stuff weekly): www.twitch.tv/fundylive
    Twitter (video sneakpeeks): fundylive
    Discord: discord.gg/JQhZZBb
    TommyInnit: krclip.com/channel/UC5p_...
    Krinios: krclip.com/channel/UCbu3...
    @Sloimayyy made a datapack version of my mod, you can check it out here:
    Garfield Datapack: www.mediafire.com/file/qi4bfpd...
    ★ Did you know subscribing on KRclip is free? Pretty neat, you should check that out. ★
    Outro music www.youtube.com/watch?v=IatXU...

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  • Overly Aggressive Machine

    The ground was stained with blood and pasta sauce, Tommy's armor drenched in blood, his sword once blue, now red yet his opponent still stood, almost completely unaffected by the thousands of cuts over his body, he looked up at the cats creator, Fundy and asked: "How much health does he have!?" Fundy only smiled and replied with

  • Chamelia
    Chamelia 2 년 전 +2

    I like it how his friends are just like “what does he want now.” And fundy just asks them “wAnNa KiLl A cAt?”

  • Stroder's Shenanigans
    Stroder's Shenanigans 2 년 전 +2

    Fundy: "doesn't give Garfield lasagna"

  • Lizard(Heisei)
    Lizard(Heisei) 년 전 +221

    Just imagine a couple of garfields in the Dream SMP

  • TetraisnotZelda Windwaker

    Fundy: Here is some armor.

  • akihira
    akihira 년 전 +24

    whenever i return to binging Fundy's old videos i feel like i'm home :')

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 년 전 +2

    Normal Garfield: “Lasagna”

  • animalstuffing
    animalstuffing 년 전 +898

    tommy seems like hes actually kind of nice when hes off camera, which yeah, ofc hes different bc he puts on a character but he just seems like hed always be aggressive

  • sky_1300
    sky_1300 2 년 전 +695

    Make him able to summon hostile wolves named "Odie"

  • JoeTheBeau
    JoeTheBeau 년 전 +21

    the fact that the tnt garfield was placing was also damaging himself is so funny

  • Medne
    Medne 년 전 +633

    I would like to see more people fight that thing and see their reaction. I love how the cat says : lasagna . It’s so funny! Good work.

  • Duck
    Duck 년 전 +265

    Why is “lasagnana” the funniest crap I’ve ever heard-

  • Jetski
    Jetski 2 년 전 +4

    I love how they all panic at: "you gotta craft l a s a g n a

  • Alex_ Ugly
    Alex_ Ugly 년 전 +743

    When Garfield said “I am defeated” I Accidantly read that as “I am deflated”

  • Miko E
    Miko E 2 년 전 +922

    The only thing that would've made this better is if he said "God I hate Mondays" rather than "I am defeated" xD

  • D3V
    D3V 년 전 +5

    you know a option for the mod that would probably add more to this mod?

  • I have a new channel now.

    “John, where’s my leg now,”

  • Pinkblankenships707

    are we not gonna talk about the fact Tommy instantly replied? I wish my friends did that.....

  • a toxic guy with toxic rat

    Regular garfield when he is hungry:

  • Froge
    Froge 년 전 +155

    John after not feeding Garfield lasagna: why do I hear boss music?